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Goola is a brand quite different from the others.

Goola is a product of unmatching quality, soooo much pure, tasty and healthy.

Goola benefi­ts its consumers, but also the people who plant, harvest and respect nature. Every bit of Goola carries a part of our culture and pride, and our responsible and honest way of making it happen.


All Goola products are:

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Goola is a global brand of excellence made for the most demanding consumers and markets, which is the result of a clean and safe production. Our facility is certified in Brazil and abroad to confirm the superior quality of our products.

Organic Product Brazil

Certificate of quality and organic legitimacy.

EU-Bio Seal

Organic Agriculture seal valid at European Union territory.

USDA seal

North american seal for organic products that certify the National Organic Program (NOP) is applied.

Halal Seal Brazil

Conformity certificate according to the standards of islamic community for the production of food.

BRC seal

Certificate of global standards for food safety production from British Retail Consortium.


Certificate of products that do not present ingredients genetically modified in its formulations.


Certificate of conformity according to the standards of jewish Community for the production of food.

Processo Resumo
the future is
our best outcome

Goola is born with the awareness and responsibility to return the benefits to the earth and to those who live from it. Each açaí that we put on the shelves not only brings some of the flavor and purity of the Amazon and its people but give back to the forest way more benefits.

Every Goola product comes from an innovative restoration project of the native forrest with bold cultivation techniques for the extension of harvest and productivity increase.

In order to complete the cycle we’ve built a modern and certifield industry, and we tranfer knowledge and sutainability means to 30 communities of fruit growers in our region, by stimulating the increase of açaí crops through seedling offer and free assistance.

The Amazon is reforested and gets all the necessary care to keep itself alive, bearing our greatest fruit: the future.

We use a modern irrigation system, optimizing production and extending the harvest period.

All Goola products go through a careful quality control procedure and are certified

Our project entails planting 1.5 million seedlings of the açaí fruit

Another part of the pits goes to the partner companies that manufacture bricks, tiles and energy for thermal power plants

Beehives assist the pollination of the seedlings and the production of our organic honey

Part of the pits discarded throughout our production are transformed into new açaí seedlings.

We transform the lives of the communities around us, helping them with planting and the implementation of new techniques.

Our techniques for the use of the fruit improve productivity and avoid waste.

We generate employment and incentivize the education of the families we assist.

A Amazônia é reflorestada e recebe todo o cuidado necessário para se manter viva, produzindo o nosso maior fruto: o amanhã.

Utilizamos um moderno sistema de irrigação, que otimiza a produção e alonga o período da safra.

Todos os produtos Goola passam por um cuidadoso controle de qualidade e são certificados.

Nosso projeto prevê o plantio de 1,5 milhões de mudas de açaí.

Outra parte dos caroços vai para empresas parceiras que produzem tijolos, telhas e energia para termoelétricas.

Casas de abelha auxiliam na polinização das mudas e produção de nosso mel orgânico.

Parte dos caroços descartados em nossa produção transformam-se em novas mudas de açaí.

Transformamos a vida das comunidades nos arredores de nossa plantação, auxiliando no plantio e na implementação de novas técnicas.

Nossas técnicas de aproveitamento do fruto aumentam a produtividade e evitam o desperdício.

Transformamos a vida das comunidades nos arredores de nossa plantação, auxiliando no plantio e na implementação de novas técnicas.

The Açaí and its

Açaí is a native fruit of the Amazon and one of the main food sources of the native population. Very popular for its energetic power, the consumption of açaí have increased and expanded on a worldwide scale from other characteristics more recently verified, which has made açaí to be considered a superfruit.

In other words, it’s a natural food that offers so many (and so good!) nutritional components beneficial for the body. Acai is all good!

beneficios auxilia na revencao do cancer
beneficios reducao colesterol
beneficios anti-inflamatorio
beneficios sistema imunologico
beneficios coracao saudavel
beneficios combate radicais livres
beneficios acelera metabolismo
beneficios repor energias
beneficios efeito vasodilatador
beneficios sensacao de saciedade

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